We’ll examine you without waiting. 365 days a year.

There is no need for you to wait for hours in an overcrowded waiting-room. You can receive medical assistance without waiting and at time of day that suits you. Register for Homedic and your visits with your the doctor will no longer be a nightmare.

Register, it’s easy:

  • Give us a call or write us through a form on our website. We are happy to answer any of your questions.
  • Our coordinator will make an appointment for you.
  • You can ask anything you want to know about our service at the initial meeting.
  • Choose one of our tariffs.
  • Sign a contract.
  • Our doctor will do an initial examination.
  • You are now using a first-of-its-kind service in the Czech Republic.
  • There is no risk. If you are not satisfied with our service, you can cancel it immediately.


You can register if you are:

  • at least an 18 year old citizen of the Czech Rebublic and you have a valid health insurance card.
  • foreigners older than 18 years of age with valid Czech health insurance.


Benefits of registration:

  • You can consult your problems over the phone every day from 7:00 am till 10:00 pm (according to your type of tariff).
  • Our doctor will examine you without waiting based on a prior agreement over the phone.
  • If necessary, our doctor will come to your home in the afternoon or during the weekend.
  • The doctor can also bring you medicine so you can save time which you would otherwise spend at the pharmacy.
  • If you do not need a medical certificate, you are not paying any additional fees.
    You can stay registered at your GP.


Professional examination in the office or your home:

  • We can attend to you in a modern office in Brno’s city centre near Lužánky park.
  • In the afternoon or during the weekend, our doctor will come straight to your home. He will come fully equipped with a CRP test which will show him if you need antibiotics. This way, you will receive the same quality examination as you would in the doctor’s office.
  • Our doctor attends to patients from Brno and within the vicinity (30 km).