Meet a team that will take good care of you

We know that your health is essential to you. We promise to take good care of it. Our doctors follow the latest trends in modern medicine and if you need a specialised examination, they will recommend a specialist of high quality to you.

MUDr. Tomáš Klobas — doctor

  • He graduated from general medicine at the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University.
  • He had my pre-attestation practice in Znojmo hospital, The University Hospital Brno and Moje ambulance a.s.
  • He received a a certificate in general medicine for adults in 2012.
  • He have had a private clinic since 2013.
  • He is an active English speaker.
  • His opinions on various medical topics related topics often appear in media (given articles are written only in Czech).
MUDr. Tomáš Klobas

MUDr. Gabriela Fasorová — doctor

  • She graduated from Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University in Brno.
  • She an attested dermatologist and GP for adults.
MUDr. Gabriela Fasorová

Andrea Srstková — operator, nurse

  • She is a general nurse with a number of years of practice in private clinics.
  • She is an active English and German speaker.
Andrea Srstková

Hana Fialová — operator, nurse

  • She is a general nurse.
  • She worked in Internal Medicine at Vojenská nemocnice Brno for 10 years and Internal Medicine at the Surgal Clinic in Brno for 3 years.
Hana Fialová

Roman Šebela — company director

  • “Being able to diminish the feeling of disgust from long waits in the waiting-room...gain space for a tailor-made approach from a doctor...having a doctor come to your home when you are unable to come to his office or to get medicine from the have a possibility to consult your problems with a doctor and apply care which is not against your beliefs...I share all these ambitions with HOMEDIC.”
Roman Šebela

Tereza Měšťanová — coordinator

  • She is simply happy to be able to participate in this project.
  • She takes care of coordination of individual activities in the project and communication with customers and other members of our team.
Tereza Měšťanová

We are already working on enlarging our team of specialists.